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I love the West Wing more than life itself. Dana Scully is my savior, CJ Cregg is my queen, Kate Beckett is my hero and Liz Lemon is my spirit animal. Television obsessed theatre nerd. Really just a girl trying to make it in this crazy world of ours.
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Jed + those globe thingamabobs on his desk
whatsafangirltodo whatsafangirltodo Said:

His mother actually bought him the first paperweight.  He’d seen in in an antique shop on a family day-tripand he was maybe eight or nine and he’d liked it.  he liked the way the sun looked on it and through it.  his father had scoffed at it, saying it was useless, but his mother had humored him.  after she’d died when he was thirteen, it was one of the few things besides photographs that he had to remember by.  when his dad would hit him, he’d go to his room and hold it in his hands and remember what life had been like back then all sunshine and love.  but it was difficult, the older he got and the worse his relationship with his father got, it started to hurt too much to remember what he had lost.  and then Abbey had seen it almost hidden on his bookshelf and bought one for him for his birthday.  he was emotional at first, but then it became a thing, and she started collecting them for him when she traveled or when they traveled together. the girls would buy them for him for father’s day too. he loved them after that, the wonderful memories overshadowing the dark ones.  

Donna + index cards :)
whatsafangirltodo whatsafangirltodo Said:

Donna loves organizing.  it’s like a zen thing for her, Index cards are perfect.  flashcards, reminders, notes, doodles- notecards can do it all! When your boss is a five year old passing for a grown man, it helps to have flashcards on hand for example, to help him learn about inter-governmental agencies and congressmen.  because really. he’s like a first-grader.  She buys light pink ones from Staples sometimes and although Josh used to complain about them (“Donna can’t you use regular post-its like a regular person?”  ”Donna, what are those? they look like a damn baby shower”) he bought her a bulk pack of about 10,000 when she got back from Germany after the Gaza CODEL.  

Tobus + rubber ball
whatsafangirltodo whatsafangirltodo Said:

he was at an office supply store and the ball was by the register and he bought it on a whim.  you know, something to do with his hands? he was trying to smoke less after all.  and then it sort of became his thing.  it helped him think, the distraction and the repetitive noise and movement helped his brain work better.  when he was distracted, not concentrating too hard was when his best ideas came to him.  after he left the White House, it sat in his top desk drawer for a long, long time and he couldn’t bring himself to bounce it for months.  too many memories.  

CJ Cregg + music
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CJ will listen to everything from top 40 to classic rock to classical to broadway showtunes and indie singer-songwriters.  she loves Dylan and Fleetwood Mac and the Beatles and Beyonce and Tchaikovsky and Rodgers and Hammerstein.   
She definitely isn’t picky.  

Josh Lyman + backpack
whatsafangirltodo whatsafangirltodo Said:

he’s had that stupid backpack since college.  his parents tried to get him a briefcase like a real adult when he graduated law school, but he refused, thinking that it was a waste of money when he had this perfectly lovely backpack.  everyone made fun of him during the first Bartlet for America campaign, but he didn’t care because he loves it.  About a year into Santos’ first term, it dies from countless years of overuse, and he literally mourns it.  Donna doesn’t say anything about it, and rolls her eyes a little, but the next day he finds all of his work things in a brand new backpack in their home office.  


send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

ex: molly hayes + sleeping

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Here is a ship: Tina Belcher and Jimmy Pesto Jr
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i totally ship it because um… forbidden love is so romantic? they’re like romeo and juliet… (just kidding) but actually, dancers are great and tina deserves that butt.  

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We are all made of cats

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Victor Victoria, 1982.

My sexuality is Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria.

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you may think i’m weird for being born from a c-section but guess what i can kill macbeth and you cant

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